EI2IPG Internet Repeater

Donegal's 1st 2 Meter Internet Repeater

Node No. 7125

Ireland Conference Server - Node No. 2605

145.7125 MHz

Access 67Hz

Located in Inishowen Peninsula Carndonagh Co. Donegal  IO65JG

24 Hour Internet Operation

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Transmitter / Receiver Philips FX5000     12.5KHz  - Max Dev. +/- 2.5 kHz
Frequency 145.7125 MHz RX  145.1127 MHz TX
Output Power 20 Watts
RX Sensitivity With pre amp 0.12 uV  Without preamp 0.2 uV
Antenna Diamond F22. 2 x 7/8 Collinear at 10 Mtrs above ground (SWR 1.2 to1)
Access to Link 67 Hz CTCSS.
Logic G1SLE Logic    Click Here for more info
Duplexers 4 x Sinclair. RX 95dB 2dB loss & TX 95dB 2db loss
Audio Filtering Super Dynamic Limiter
UPS Fortress 750 uninterruptible power supply
VOIP Software EchoLink
Extra Software EchoProducer    www.echoproducer.com
Time Out Time out is set for 4 Minutes
Computer P4 - 2 Gig - 256Meg Memory, On Board Sound Card
Internet connection 3 Meg Down and  384 kbps Up
VOIP Interface Opto Isolated System.  Home Brew  Click here for Circuits
Location Carndonagh. Inishowen, Co. Donegal. Ireland   IO65JG
ASL 15 Mtrs
Operational Since 16th May 2008
Operation Times 24 Hours
Sysop Peter EI4JR   on behalf of Carndonagh Amateur Radio Club
Email peter @ ei4jr.com
Web Site www.echoireland.com