International Marconi Day

26th April 2014

It was an early start at Malin Head where the mast and mobile home was positioned.
A simple Windom antenna was connected from the Lookout post to Banbas Tower.
The tranceiver used was the Yeasu FT-950

Early Morning where it was very windy

The Banba Mobile Cafe set up next to the operations vehicle

Albert GI4YPS swung into operation with the breakfast for all. In the afternoon the Stew was dished out by him

Tommy EI2HXB and Martin GI0IOT down to business on the bands where it was one station after another

Lads from the Omagh and Derry area came and supported the day giving the operators some welcome rest bite.

The event was well visited by the public who turned up on the day. We had visitors from Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Poland, Germany

Banba Cafe made a special Morse cake for the day.
The Morse reads "Welcome to Banbas Crown"

We displayed in one of the vehicles our replica Marconi Spark Gap Transmitter that was used at Malin Head from 1902 to 1913.
Lots of Malin Head History Drawings and Pictures of early days before the tower, the old semaphore and Marconi Radio Transmissios
A small booklet with the history of Malin Head from 1804 to 1913 was also available.

What a fantastic place to hold the first Marconi Day Celebrations as Malin Head held its secrets for many yeas and now available.

We hope to be back again to do it again Next Year